Voice Break Challenge

Voice Break Challenge

“Voice Break Challenge” is a funny little game that allows you breaking things such as glass, mirror, glasses and other amazing and funny objects using only your voice, yes only your voice.
To break an object you have to use your voice and generate a sound with hight or low pitch deepending of object. each object have it’s own breaking point, wich called resononce frequency, for exemple for the fisrt object you have to produce a sound with 444 Hz.
To help you breaking objects, we have marked with pink coller the breaking point of each object, so you have to align the green arrow with this pink band, and maintain this tonality for 3 secondes.
You don’t need scream, just use your natural speaking voice level in a silent place, and you will be able to break all objects.
In this game you have 10 level and in each level you have to break an object, if you break it in less than 5 secondes, you will get full points of this level, else after this first 5 secondes you lose some points for each seconde.
In next update of this game we will add new levels depending of users demandes.


You should be carefull to not damage your voice and throat, you aren’t need to scream to play, just produce a sound with normal level in a silent place, and you have to stop using this app if you fell some pains in your throat.
We are not responsible of any possible damage caused by using excessively this app.

Download: Voice Break Challenge

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